Finkl Steel – Sorel

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Finkl Steel – Sorel 100 McCarthySt-Joseph-de-Sorel, Quebec, J3R 3M8 (450) 746-4030 Finkl Steel is devoted to the safe manufacture and on time delivery of specialty steel forgings and ingots, exceeding customer expectations worldwide Finkl Steel – Sorel, strong of its modernization program, has grown into the largest producer of open die forgings in Canada. In-house melting, forging, heat treating, machining, testing and inspection facilities provide the flexibility of producing a highly diversified range of forged products, weighing up to 59 000 pounds, (27 000 kg) to the most exacting customer specifications. A forging company for over 70 years and a strong commitment to technology, have earned Finkl Steel – Sorel an excellent reputation, amongst the leaders in the open die forging industry.